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स्वास्थ्य तथा प्रबिधि बिज्ञान मञ्च
Forum for Health & Technical Science


Forum for Health and Technical Science, the only national and professional organization of directors of organizations that teaches 3-year technical education at the proficiency certificate level operating throughout the states of Nepal after receiving affiliation from Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) Sanothimi Bhaktapur, central office …


Conducting study, research, consultation, training, provision of health services and treatment, hospital management and operational plans in various fields such as health science and technology. Conducting various seminars, research, training and public awareness programs to remove the distortions seen in the technical field. Conduct service programs in coordination with various organizations …

Our Approach

Nepalese belong to all classes, communities, regions, gender, religion and culture, including the remote, Himalayan districts, backward classes, Dalit tribes, tribals, low-income, poor communities, victims of trafficking, and single women who are beyond the reach of technical education. This organization has been established with a clear vision to provide first-class technical education …


The private sector, which has been contributing to Nepali society since 2056/057, has invested about 25 billion so far. About 100 private hospitals have been operated. From Mahendranagar in the west to Jhapa in the east, technical education has also been provided in valleys and hilly districts. Building a school for those who want to study and a hospital for the sick and making it easily accessible …

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